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By 2026, Kapil Gupta is the Founder & Managing Director of KD Cosmetics. A startup started in the year 2020 now has a global presence. In just 6 years, he has acquired markets not only of India but also acquired international markets in 7 different countries. He is India's youngest entrepreneur to start a cosmetic based company and acquiring such great success in a very short time. The Company which started with selling just nail paints in the initial phase of a startup now has an extensive range of overall 600 products under its belt. With some extensive and experienced Marketing and Customer acquisition skills, he is well versed how to attract customers and follows with their buying patterns which he learned over the years into the industry which helps him to generate one part of the business to the company, the other part of the business is generated by digital marketing techniques. Kapil is also a Certified Digital Marketer. All his knowledge which he gained during a program Digital Deepak Internship Program and experience of working with companies before that is being utilized to acquire potential clients for his products. Post completion of his program he started freelancing clients for some time but as soon as his business took an immense pace by showing results he shifted his complete focus towards his startup. His clientele includes not only the general public but also includes various Celebrities, Social Media Influencers, Business personnel. His brand has become one of the most popular and recommended by Celebrities for cosmetics.

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KD Cosmetics Headquarters in Mumbai

He believes that there are no shortcuts to success and success does not happen overnight. It is your dedication, devotion, and determination towards goal. People who tend to be consistent towards one's goal will surely achieve success in his own life.

Other than his Business of Cosmetics Kapil now has his startup empowering and funding firm called Kickstart where his company helps the potential startup to find their potential investor. The organization provides a platform not only to get an investor but also helps the potential startup in their marketing and business planning activities. The company gives honest recommendations and advice to grow a business. 


He invested in a Hydroponic Farming startup Alter ECO in 2025 where veggies are grown without the use of soil in a sustainable and controllable environment with a 25% stake in the company which now has over 400 regular clients to serve to.

Alter ECO plant 

Other than his businesses which he runs extensively well. Kapil is a family man and prefers to spend his free time with his family. He never brings work in between family and vice versa. Kapil owns a Duplex Apartment and stays there with his wife, his kid, and his parents under one roof. He owns a Tesla X an electric car model and a Mercedes S-Class. Other than this he is a fitness freak. He believes Health is the Greatest Wealth. 

He has also been a part of NGO serving education and other help to the underprivileged children. Whenever he has free time he participates in social cause events and provides with utmost help possible.

Yes, we can say Kapil is living his best life as he planned but he still believes that there is more scope to learn and grow by achieving milestones which he has planned for his upcoming years.

Dreams do work if you work on them too.



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